Monday, November 30, 2009

'Toons' Foreign Progress

Here in Britain's former colonies, Disney's A Christmas Carol continues to roll right along. As of yesterday, CC was an eye lash short of $105 million. And the picture is doing fine overseas:

"Disney's A Christmas Carol" ... opened in seven markets, grossing $22.1 million from 5,328 sites overall in 48 territories. "Christmas Carol's" foreign cume stands at $94 million ... Holdover markets proved strong, providing $15.3 million of the weekend total, down a mild-mannered 28 percent from the previous frame. ...

So with CCearning serious coin overseas, what kind of accumulation of dollars will it have? After theater runs, dvd sales, and TV broadcasts, will it go into the black? I'm thinking yes, sooner or later. There are a lot of Christmases yet to come.

Meanwhile, there are other animated features unspooling in foreign lands.

... [A]nimation adventure "Planet 51," [had] solid openings in Spain, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Brazil [and] produced $6.4 million on the weekend. The biggest contributor was Spain, where the title from Handmade Films and Ilion Animation grabbed a No. 2 spot with $4.3 million from 442 locations.

Spain, of course, was where Planet 51 was made. Jerry Bruckheimer also had toonage in play.

"G-Force" opened in China ($1.5 million from 300 screens), and drew $2.3 million overall during the weekend. The overseas gross for the animation title from producer Jerry Bruckheimer is $161.8 million.

So let's see. G-Force's foreign take, combined with its $119.4 million domestic gross, now runs the guinea pigs to a grand, worldwide total of $281.2 million.

Not too bad.


Anonymous said...

And don't forget, Chuck Zimbellas is begging for an invitation to the TAG party, whining that his "community" hasn't yet gotten a word about it. Other than the Pegboard, the fact that it's an annual event, and this site. BOW DOWN NOW!


Anonymous said...

I just saw Planet 51 and loved it.
it was really funny and full of jokes.
i hope lots of people go to the theatre and watch it. they'll enjoy the movie!!

Elite Medium said...

So you work in Sony's Marketing, Anonymous?


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