Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Sonora Experience

Part of the day was spent at Disney TVA Sonora, the home of half of Walt Disney Television Animation (the other fragment being on the Disney Burbank lot) and Disney Toons Studio (the home of numerous Tinkerbell features, many now in the process of becoming.)

The Big Player at Disney TVA, is Phineas and Ferb, but it's being created in the Frank Wells Building across the city line (and was recently profiled by Variety here) ...

But Disney Sonora, a month ago semi-empty, is filling up a little.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Disney TVA's newest entry, is at last in production with board artists now in their cubicles turning out early episodes.

Jake is being done on Cintiqs, and as one of the veteran board artists said:

"The last series we worked on here, Mickey's Clubhouse was done on paper, so this is taking a little getting used to. But after you get past the buttons and the levels, it's just another way of drawing ..."

I mentioned that Mick's Clubhouse was one of the last shows I saw around town created with actual pencils. Disney's Inspector Oso, launching into a new season of half-hours, is the only show of which I'm aware being done the good old fashioned way (paper), but only partially.

I'm informed that half of Oso's boarding is digital ... and half paper and drawing pencils.


Unknown said...

It's a shame that "Jake And The Neverland Pirates" is a preschool show. Nothing wrong with that, but I'd like to have seen them work on another action show. Still, I found some audition sides online and the characters do look adorable.

Aldebaran said...

Can you post a link?

Unknown said...

Sure. However, I only found the audition sides for Jake and two of his friends. The pictures aren't very large, as the audition sides are mainly about the included quotes, but they are still interesting.

Jake, Cubby and Nibs.

Aldebaran said...

Thank you! And this is in CGI, I imagine? I think it'd look better in 2D. Any idea if Hook or Peter will make an appearance?

Anonymous said...

Hook and Smee make an appearance.

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