Monday, November 02, 2009

Mouse Reboot

The return of Mickey.

The Mouse House will reintroduce its famous mascot in "Epic Mickey," a videogame due late next year that will revive several of the character's key personality traits that have been dulled or forgotten ...

(You know, traits like egomaniacal temper tantrums, general sadism, and dislike of small children. You haven't forgotten those personality tics, have you?)

... "I want to remind Mickey that he's a hero -- and to be a hero, we need to give him purpose. We need to throw him up against problems worthy of a hero -- not just trying to give Pluto a bath," [Warren Spector, VP and creative director of Junction Point Studios] said. "I want him to be funny. I want him to struggle. I want to 'age him up' a little." ...

Years ago, I knew a story guy at Disney who pitched Mickey as Aladdin in an Arabian Nights feature. No soap.

Mr. Spector, however, is optimistic.

... [A]ll we're trying to do is make Mickey the game hero he deserves to be," [Spector] said. "In my secret heart of hearts, I would love to see a movie or a comicbook ..."

Me, I'm holding out for a c.g. feature that shows Mick off in all his round and three-dimensional goodness. When the game becomes a big hit, it's bound to happen, yes?


Anonymous said...

I've seen concept art for the game - it's on the web - and it's FANTASTIC. It features Mickey in 1930's mode facing a very different Magic Kingdom, run by a very bitter Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. I just wish it weren't exclusive for the Wii. Why can't it be made multi-platform???

Anyway, there have been suggestions that the game be called "Steampunk Willie". I could go for that.

Anonymous said...

It features Mickey in a "faux" 1930's mode, with environments that look as though they're leftovers from the "Lord of the Rings" movies.

The game might be interesting, but comparing them to the Original Mickey shorts, even if only "visually" is VERY FAR off the mark. VERY far.

Anonymous said...

They used actual footage from Original Mickey shorts as guidance for animating key moves in the game. Clips demonstrating that are also on the web. Anyway I can't wait to try this game out. Looks awesome. And bravo to Spector for wanting to "man up" Mickey. For hopefully taking him out of the suburbs and back to his rural roots, and from bland Everyman into comic adventurer. I wish him the very best of luck in his attempts. It's about time somebody updated - er, backdated - the Mouse.

Anonymous said...

Here is a great production blog for the game

Anonymous said...

"They used actual footage from Original Mickey shorts as guidance for animating key moves in the game"

BULLSHIT. It looks and moves NOTHING like the original Mickey shorts. NOTHING. It is a very pale imitation--almost as good as Playhouse Disney.

And what gives with the backgrounds and characters inhabiting the same worlds? Looks jarring--and is not clear. They could have used some art direction, at the very least, some taste.

Anonymous said...

::crosses fingers & says a prayer that grown up Mickey takes off::

::then writes a note to remember to pre-order the game::

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