Monday, November 30, 2009

DreamWorks Animation Walking Tour

Though you wouldn't know it from recent posts, I've been bopping through studios at a steady rate, just not writing about it.

How many times can you say: "The crew at [Studio X] continues to work on [blank]."? Bo-ring.

Today was a hectic sprint through multiple studios, starting with Nick's Kung Fu Panda satellite unit* where the first season of KFP the TeeVee version is under way, and the wish of the crew is that there will be a second season.

Next up was the nosebleed section of Cartoon Network, followed by DreamWorks Animation in the afternoon. The story team on The Croods is driving toward a screening for the head guy in January, when they will roll out the revised storyline.

"I think it's the first time the whole feature will be up on reel. We've made some changes ..."

Meantime, the Associated Press reports that DreamWorks Animation's stock, after a pullback, is again on the rise:

... Caris & Co. analyst David Miller said investors bought up DreamWorks shares after Walt Disney Co. announced its $4 billion acquisition of Marvel Entertainment Inc. in August, fueling speculation that DreamWorks might be purchased as well.

But when the buyout possibility dimmed over the past months, DreamWorks shares fell 15 percent from a "frothy" 52-week high, the analyst said.

As such, Miller upgraded the stock to "Average" ... "The market is now resigned to the notion that a take-out of DreamWorks Animation will not happen anytime soon," he said in a research note.

I've thought for a long time that DWA was a ripe take-over target, but there doesn't seem to be any big-money takers out there at present. (Could the September 2008 meltdown put a damper on Dreamworks' acquisition prospects? Naah ...)

DWA crews have told me they think How to Train Your Dragon is a winner, and Shrek IV is almost sure to be a box office behemoth. I have no idea how Oobermind, launching in the Fall, will perform. But that's three animated features out in the marketplace in 2010, so DreamWorks' cash flow should be strong.

All in all, DWA seems poised to continue thriving as an animation stand-alone, and Jeffrey's athletic high-wire act continues.

* The Nick unit is located in a secret location in the magical highlands of Burbank. Please keep this to yourselves.


Anonymous said...

What's Cartoon Network Studios doing, Steve? Nothing but Live Action again?

Anonymous said...

- Symbionic Titan
- Adventure Time
- Firebreather
- Regular Show
- Generator Rex
- New Ben 10
- Flapjack

Unknown said...

Slight correction. Sym-Bionic Titan is being done by Genndy's own studio, not at CNS.

Chris Battle said...

Actually, Racattack, Genndy & co. are back in the old Sam Jack offices @ CNS working on SymTitan.

Steve Hulett said...

- Symbionic Titan
- Adventure Time ...

You took the words right out of my mouth.

Unfortunately, CN has had some success with live action reality shows, so we'll see how much animation it will be creating going forward.

Maybe if somebody creates an animated mega-hit, the tide will turn.

Unknown said...

Really, they're back at CNS. Sweet, looks like the studio is doing pretty well.

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