Monday, November 09, 2009

The Doings at DreamWorks Animation

DWA's Lakeside Buildings was humming today. The Shrek Goes Fourth animators are bending to their tasks of getting animation for the feature completed by February. The matte department finishes it work the following month ...

And the company continues to install new cash-flow spigots.

Kung Fu Panda World, a virtual world designed for ages 8 to 12, is being developed by DreamWorks Animation and is due to go live early next year.

The Web browser-based world, inspired by the 2008 film, will launch with dozens of arcade-style games and other activities. (A range of subscription levels is planned ...)

Lastly, DreamWorks Animation lawyer Katherine Kendrick, who has been with the company from its beginning, is packing her suitcase and moving on:

... Kendrick will ankle the animation biz to pursue philanthropic activities when her contract expires in December. Kendrick's decision comes after 14 years with DreamWorks, which she joined in 1996. She helped steer the animation division through its IPO in 2004.


Hong Kong Fool-E said...

Is there any chance that DreamWorks will do Snow Queen now that Disney hasn't announced it?

Ha ha ha.

Sorry, I had to say that before a dozen others start fawning over this mythical feature!

Hopefully DW's future slate will look more like Kung Fu Panda and less like Bee Movie.

Funn-e San said...

Humor rule #1:

You must be funny.

Humor rule #2

See rule #1

Anonymous said...

I find the irony of that post overwhelming.

Polly Hutchens said...

Too many people on these post keep asking about Snow Queen. I understand where he/she is coming from.

Anonymous said...

I wasnt trying to be funny. I was being dead serious.

PS) Anonymous 3:10 and Polly Hutchens are the same poster.

PPS) Questions about Snow Queen have been rare and intermittent. Shoulda mentioned 2D vs CG if you really wanted to boss the comment section around

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