Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday Animation Derby

Now with tinsel-covered Add Ons.

As we move through the four-day Turkey holiday, animation has a lot of competitors in the race.

"Disney’s A Christmas Carol" charted sixth with $3.8 million off 3,013, a near three fold surge over last Thursday’s take, with a running domestic cume of $89.4 million.

Sony’s animated feature "Planet 51" followed in seventh with $1.6 million from 3,035 and a first week take of $18.3 million.

Fox’s expansion of Wes Anderson’s "Fantastic Mr. Fox" from four locales to 2,027 catapulted the stop-motion film into eighth with $1.35 million yesterday. Pic took in $1.1 million during its first day of going wide on Wednesday. Heading into its third frame, "Mr. Fox" counts a domestic B.O. of $3 million ....

... Disney’s exclusive run of its hand-drawn animated "The Princess and the Frog" at the Ziegfeld in New York and the Walt Disney Studios main theater totaled $430,770 since its Wednesday bow.

So how often does VARIETY report four animated features as significant box office contenders at one time? Like not too often.


6) A Christmas Carol -- $3,770,000

7) Planet 51 -- $1,595,000

8) The Fantastic Mr. Fox -- $1,360,000

13) The Princess and the Frog -- $167,000

... Like not ever, if you think about it. (And yeah, not all of the above animations are going to end up as chart busters, more's the pity ...)

Add On: Going into the far turn, animated entrants remain in the middle of the pack:

A Christmas Carol" taking $6.64 million from 3,013. ... [T]he domestic cume for "Christmas Carol" should cross $100 million this weekend; its B.O. currently standing at $96 million ...

Sony’s feature toon "Planet 51" counted $4.1 million in seventh from 3,035, up 29% from a week ago with an eight-day take of $22.4 million.

20th Century Fox’s "Fantastic Mr. Fox" doubled its domestic cume from Thursday, drawing $3 million from 2,029 in eighth yesterday for a new domestic total of $6 million.

... Disney’s exclusive run of its new hand-drawn animated feature "The Princess and the Frog," set to go wide on Dec. 11, drew an estimated $277,000 from two sites for a running three-day domestic take of $707,630 ...

Add On Too: Down to the wire, a lot of movies do well.

1) The Twilight Saga -- $65,999,682

2) The Blind Side -- $57,530,347

3) 2012 -- $25,549,508

4) Old Dogs -- $24,085,000

5) A Christmas Carol (2009) -- $22,557,631

6) Ninja Assassin -- $21,010,000

7) Planet 51 -- $13,899,974

8) The Fantastic Mr. Fox -- $9,499,685

* The Princess and the Frog -- $1,142,000

Praise be for long holiday weekends.


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