Sunday, November 07, 2010

Agreement Nine Months Early

The Screen Actors Guild did something they haven't done in recent years: Negotiate early; reach a contract deal way ahead of time.

After six weeks of bargaining, ending in a marathon session that extended into the night, SAG and AFTRA reached a new three-year deal today with the AMPTP. ... The unions received modest 2% annual wage increases. ...

The big win for the unions came in pension and health. There, the employers agreed to boost their contributions by 1.5%, a ten percent increase over the existing 15% contribution level. ...

It probably won't be surprising if all the other big Hollywood unions reach early agreements with the big companies themselves. Moderation (a.k.a. "non-militancy") is in vogue.


Anonymous said...

Sure, if they're gonna get beat like a yellow dog anyway, why not just get the job done? Capitulate early, capitulate often!

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