Friday, November 26, 2010

Cash Flow

... and here comes the next billion.

To Infinity And Beyond ... Toy Story 3 Breaks Sales Record

... Day one sales of the Disney/Pixar ToyStory 3 blockbuster at retail have smashed records for UK Blu-ray, DVD and download sales. ...

Jeffrey Katzenberg. formerly of the House of Mouse, has pointed out that DVD sales for animated features hold up much better than the (plummeting) sales of live-action features, because the demographic that watches animation -- largely the elementary school set -- tends to watch it over and over and over.

So Mom and Dad purchase the little silver disk.

Mr. Katzenber is right. And his former employer is now raking in its second tall pile of cash courtesy of Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang.


Anonymous said...

Heh, some of us in older demographics watch them over and over too!

Anonymous said...

Exactly--I'm not sure where I'd heard it, but I've heard somewhere that some KIDS actually watch Pixar films, too, not just trendy inner-child-discovering grownups trying to nominate them for Oscars. ;)

robster16 said...

In the meantime "Tangled" is projected to maybe make 73 million dollars in it's opening 5 day weekend. With Disney being stated that they would be happy with 30-35 million that is more then double their desired opening. I think it's safe to say that Tangled already is a big hit, both with critics and the public.

Yesterday the movie made 22 million dollars alone, only 1 million dollar less then Harry Potter, something I know a lot of people weren't exactly expecting!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but if only they hadn't changed the name, eh...?

Well, despite all the naysayers Disney marketing obviously knew what they were doing and did a good job of convincing people this was a movie to see. Somoene owes their marketing dept a big apology.
Next weekend will determine if those that saw it this weekend liked it enough to go back a second time and telling their friends to go as well.

Anonymous said...

I saw Tangled, and liked it. But I won't be seeing it a second time. It was good for what it was, but the Lion King it ain't.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's better than The Lion King. Less pompous, and doesn't fall apart halfway through.

Anonymous said...

It's always cute when someone mistakes their personal taste with some universal truth.

Tangled was good for what it was (a CG princess movie), but the best parts of it seemed borrowed from Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty.

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