Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Ralph Hulett Christmas, part 3

Ralph Hulett Christmas card
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My parents had recently returned from Paris when Dad designed this one. Paint what you know ...

As I've mentioned before, Mr. Hulett painted the Christmas cards

A) In his home studio,

B) In various hotels and pensions in Europe,

C) During lunch breaks and after-hours at Walt Disney Productions, using studio paints and studio paper and hard board. (Happily, the statute of limitations has run out on these infractions.)

© Estate of Ralph Hulett


Anonymous said...

It's Disney. Trust me, you'll be hearing from their lawyers ... ;p

Anonymous said...

That's why I voted for Steve.

Ivan Camilli said...

I wish you and your family will print a book of his artwork. Is not about the money but about his contribution to art. It is just beautiful.

Steve Hulett said...

Perhaps someday.

Right now, I have no desire to field a second job.

Anonymous said...

Second job? Don't you mean a real job.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the bitterness that seems to lurk just under the surface of so many of my peers. What would this blog be without anonymous nastiness?

Dusyt Kelly said...

I think this is my fave, but I have enjoyed all of them. Thank you for sharing.

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