Saturday, November 13, 2010

Results of the 2010 TAG officers' election

UPDATED as of 3:36 pm.

The vote-counting is now complete. Winners below the fold.

Due to a mathematical error on my part, the earlier results were in error. These are not official until we receive the Judge's final report on Monday although they are unlikely to change. My apologies for any confusion ... JM.

Contested positions:

Business Representative

  • Steve Hulett†

Executive Board

  • Bronwen Barry*†
  • John Cataldi†
  • Nicole Dubuc*†
  • Janette Hulett†
  • Karen Carnegie Johnson*†
  • Cathy Jones*†
  • Gordon Kent
  • Nathan Loofbourrow
  • Mike Roth
  • Chris Simmons
  • Jack Thomas

Elected without opposition on September 28:

  • President: Bob Foster
  • Vice-President: Earl Kress†
  • Recording Secretary: Jeff Massie†
  • Sergeant-At-Arms: Jan Browning†

† incumbent

* the three highest vote-getters on the Executive Board also serve as Trustees. This year we have a tie for third place between Bronwen Barry and Cathy Jones; the final choice as Trustee between them remains to be determined.


Anonymous said...

Where can we see the vote totals?

Steve Hulett said...

Gotta have the offical final count from the American Arbitration Association first, then a review from the exec board.

Kevin Koch said...

Congratulations to Bob Foster, who will make a fine president, and to everyone else who won. There's a nice mix of incumbents and new blood, and I think TAG will be in good hands for the next three years.

Steven Kaplan said...

Congratulations to everyone. Its no small decision be a part of making a difference in people's lives the way the Guild does. I applaud all the participants for the moxy it takes to be willing to do it.

I look forward to working with all the elected officers, as well as the membership, in the next three years.

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