Tuesday, November 16, 2010

India Outsources To ... Canada?

Probably outsourcing is the wrong word. But there's this:

Toonz Animation India has launched a Canadian production arm in partnership with Montreal-based Mediabiz International.

The Toonz Entertainment Global joint venture will focus on producing animation and live action properties out of a Montreal studio ...

The question I used to get: Isn't it all going to India?" target="_blank" appears to be answering itself.

... [S]ome of the problems with the VFX in India: The cost was rising faster than the quality. ...


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how about "India creates jobs in Canada"

Anonymous said...

The production arm will consist of 4 producers to fish for work, start it and then send it back to India. U.S. outsources to.....everywhere.

Anonymous said...

The key part of the article is the statement that the cost of VFX work in India is rising faster than the quality. Those of us who have been involved in fixing stuff that comes back from India, and who are aware of how much it really costs, have known this for several years. It's good to see that it's becoming common knowledge.

I'm seeing the same thing already happening with Chinese animation/VFX. The quality is way below what comes from India, but the costs are rising day by day. The living standards in both those countries are rising at a rapid pace.

Meanwhile, in the US and Canada animators and VFX professionals have seen their incomes flatline, or even fall, for the last decade, and people have gotten used to working harder and on shorter schedules. The effective cost of animation and VFX in North America has dropped significantly, while the quality continues to improve.

This is not to say that there aren't a couple of small pockets in India that do decent work. There are. But in the big picture, India and China used to look like fabulous bargains, when in reality they usually aren't. Hopefully more and more North American producers, who are often the last to recognize a trend, will continue to realize this.

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