Monday, November 01, 2010

Candidate statement: Karen Nugent

Candidate for Business Representative; incumbent Executive Board member

Karen Lynne Nugent

IATSE Member since 1988, Locals 839 and 695

Candidate for Business Representative

As an Executive Board Member, I served on the Negotiation Committee and always voted to protect YOUR RIGHTS.

For the past 5 semesters I have been the Maya Instructor at Pasadena City College. My students know the importance of a Union.

I was employed at Disney Feature Animation for 13 years.

Negotiated the Color Systems Technology IATSE contract from the inside.

At Mattel Electronics I was the liaison between the Marketing and Development Departments, designing computer games and supervising the Graphics and Animation staff.

Times are tough. We need a Business Representative who protects YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY and JOBS.

Is management watching? Asking you about problems at work puts a BULLSEYE on your back.


If elected the first thing would be to work with the Directors to reduce the length of tests given to board artists. This has been a problem for several contracts. The producers agree that more than three days is excessive. It’s time to solve the problem.

If elected as your Representative I look forward to meeting and working with you. If you see a problem bring it to me. I can’t promise everything will be fixed in a month. Some of the problems have been ongoing for years. The WELCOME MAT will always be out.

It’s time for a new, user-friendly Business Representative with the experience, integrity, and diligence you deserve.

Thank You,


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