Friday, November 12, 2010

Which Bear Will Ultimately Prevail?

Yogi? Or Winnie the Pooh? Having seen pieces of both, I'd vote for Winnie.

... On the other hand, never under-estimate the public's thirst for hybrid features.


Anonymous said...

Boy, that sure looks yummy. Congrats to the crew. And thanks to Disney marketing for doing a great job on the trailer. It's really good.

Anonymous said...

The Pooh picture looks like a direct-to-DVD entry, rather than a full-length spectacular that's worth 8 bucks to view at a theater. Disney's really banking on nostalgia to sell its pictures lately, it seems, what with Tron, Pooh, the Muppets, etc. Frankly I think it's a recipe for disaster, and makes young'uns like Dreamworks look that much more tuned into today's audiences. Iger better have his golden parachute packed...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, those movies hasnt even came out yet so you cant really judge their way of selling movies.

Besides, Toy Story 3 also used nostalgic marketing and it earned 1000 million dollars worldwide, did you missed anything?

Anonymous said...

i agree with anon 2, it looks like disneytoon product. and some disneytoon are great looking art. my bet is on that this will be a hugh flop. Go out in the street and ask any random person if they would pay to go see winnie the pooh. see what kind of answers you get. this movie is a mistake.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I think Yogi will come out on top. Pooh is seen by the general public as being in the same category as Dora the Explorer or Teletubbies; basically "babysitter" entertainment for very small children. Moms with toddlers will probably be the only ones seeing this in the theater.

It will probably do much better on DVD.

Anonymous said...

As we can see by the above posts, nobody, but NOBODY (Balloonatics and LA Times included) seems to be picking up on the basic Lasseter lightbulb--
Ie., that the movie is trying to pretend that every Toon-studios feature upgrade since "Pooh's Grand Adventure" never existed, and sure sounds like a good idea to me.

Unfortunately, it's because of all those marketing products that not as much of an audience is going to want to go in to hear John Cleese's Sebastian Cabot imitation, without some serious word-of-mouth coaxing--Which is why I'd give it a cult second-week pickup, which is what the late-to-the-Alvin-parade Yogi producers only WISH they could ever get without a Christmas-day opening.
(As to whether Pooh becomes the second Disney movie to survive Harry Potter 7, we'll have to wait to see whether Tangled becomes the first.)

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