Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Times In Which We Live

We talked about the IA picketing of the reality show "Biggest Loser" down below. Here's the latest from the front:

IATSE decries 'strike-breakers' hired by production company to cross picket line.

It looks like there will be fireworks Monday morning at NBC’s Biggest Loser, as IATSE picketers confront replacement workers hired by the show’s production companies. ... As previously reported, 100% of the production crew voted to support the IA. According to the IA, the producers refuse to recognize the IA as the bargaining unit for the crew ...

Our own Steve Kaplan has been out on the line picket line aiding in the fight. Here's my take-away from this labor-management wrestling match:

Companies, at the moment, are not interested in "being reasonable." I mean, does 100% of the production crew want to go union?

Yeah, but tough toe-nails.

Do people want better wages and conditions on a show that is making the producers and network pots of money?

You bet. But it'll be over the producers' cold, dead bodies.

You can yell about "justice" and "fairness" all you want, but corporations don't care. If they can get it done cheaper, with scab crews, they will. It really boils down to whether the IA can make the production entity bleed enough money. If the international can shut down production, win the P.R. wars, keep the striking crew together, the employees and union will ultimately win.

But if the producers can grind their picketing workers into the ground and keep the tape rolling, they win.

Simple as that.

Like always, this is about leverage. Not justice.

Add On: The Nikkster has an interesting post (and comment thread) on the strike. Well worth perusing.


Anonymous said...

That's against the law right?
And they STILL don't care???

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