Friday, November 26, 2010

A Ralph Hulett Christmas, 2010 edition

Ralph Hulett intro
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Starting on Sunday until New Year's Day, we continue our annual tradition of posting Christmas cards designed by Disney background artist Ralph Hulett for card publisher California Artists. A new design will be going up every other day -- twenty in all. (To refresh your memory, here are the postings from past years.)

This year we took special attention to make sure these are all-new images that have never been posted on the TAG Blog. If some of them look familiar, it's because padre would take every opportunity to use variations on his most popular themes. (This is sometimes known as "maximizing Christmas card royalties.")

Also starting in a week, our annual December show of Ralph Hulett card designs can be seen in Gallery 839 at our headquarters, open Monday-Friday 8:30 am-5 pm.

About Ralph Hulett
All artwork © Estate of Ralph Hulett


Pete Emslie said...

This is a wonderful Christmas tradition you've started, Steve. I absolutely adore your Dad's paintings and look forward to seeing more images this year. I particularly appreciate his majestic forest scenes with the deer. Just beautiful work, and a reminder of the mood that can be created with real paint in the hands of a true artist and craftsman.

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