Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Ann Guenther Interview -- Part 2

Above, Bill Layne, Ann Guenther, Sylvia Roemer and the dashing Woolfgang Reitherman. (From the early 1970s.)

TAG Interview with Ann Guenther

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Ms. Guenther returned to Disney as a full-fledged background artist after working on the lot as an inker in the late 1950s, one of the first individuals to ever accomplish this feat ...

Ann departed the studio after a background artist she trained was promoted to head of the b.g. department. (Then as now, the animation industry was a Boys Club.)


Anonymous said...

Nice interview. Great hearing from someone with all that history. Thanks for sharing.

Floyd Norman said...

Another great interview, and I enjoyed every minute. I've had the pleasure of knowing Ann many, many years. She is a wonderful and talented lady.

Cj Berg said...

Love the interviews. Incredible history and information. Thank you.

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