Sunday, May 08, 2011

The International Steeple Chase

Overseas, there seem to be a lot of names we see in the domestic Top Ten.

Universal’s Fast Five [grossed] a speedy $86.6 million ... In 11 days, Thor has grossed $176 million overseas ... Rio ... finished No. 3 on the weekend with $16.2 million derived from 8,706 screens in 67 markets, hoisting the film’s cume after a month of overseas playtime to $292.3 million.

Universal’s Hop [has made] $61.9 million. ...

The winners for the week appear to be the car and super-hero franchises, along with the latest from Blue Sky Studios. The bunny rabbit of Hop, saddled with a U.S. specific comedy, appears to be an okay but not great overseas grosser.


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