Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Point of Clarification: Disability

We've received a few calls in the past week from members interested in our contract stipulations on disability leave/pay. Since we've had to answer it a few times, I thought it would be good to post here for all to see as well.

The Animation Guild contract has no stipulations regarding disability insurance payments or availability. By law, each studio makes contributions to Social Security and either California's State Disability Insurance (SDI) or a private disability insurance through payroll deductions.

Members who are interested in seeking information about disability leave should contact Human Resources for the studio. Should any trouble arise from discussions with Human Resources, please contact us immediately in order to see how we can help.


Anonymous said...

So, no, The Animation Guild does not offer disability.

Steven Kaplan said...

The Animation Guild contract does not specify disability payments. I thought I made it clear.

Anonymous said...

TAG is not accountable for disability. Your private employer or the State of California may or may not account for your disability claims.

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