Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Weekend Links

The linkage you crave, made with union labor.

Cartoon violence doesn't make kids love cartoons? ...

Pixar's Warrior Redhead is revealed.

Lion King Goes Three Dee. (Doesn't everything?)

Then there are newer CGI features in Moving View Master.

European low countries go after high-end animation.

Hey, Boo Boo! It's time for Yogi Bear 2!

Walt Disney Animation Studios' next moves ... per Den of Geek.

Have a memorable Memorial Day Weekend.


Anonymous said...

That first link would be funny if it wasn't so ridiculous.
I like the quote from Andrew J. Weaver, assistant professorof telecommunications at Indiana University telling us that violence is a needless component of the brilliant comedy of Tom & Jerry.

Of course he would never be able to pick apart the comedy of Laurel & Hardy or Charlie Chaplin. He only gets away with this because he feels he can look down on the lower form of entertainment that is cartoons.

The chemistry for comedy in Tom & Jerry is the exact same as that in the films of the aforementioned legends of comedy. You can't pick apart one without picking apart the other.
Its amazing the idiocy that gets into print these days.

Anonymous said...

The silly thing is that the article is a reporter's interpretation of a study they didn't even bother to read. The article talks about Tom and Jerry and Roadrunner cartoons, when the study actually used a specially-made 'cartoon' to look for findings the study authors were eager to verify. Here's the key line from the study press release:

The cartoon the researchers used, "Picture Perfect Thief," featured a villain called Eggle, who attempted to steal a painting created by a hero called Orangehead. Eggle ultimately fails and the hero's painting wins first place in an art show. It was created by a friend using Macromedia Flash.

The researchers doing the study are only about 20 years behind the times. The whole flap over cartoon violence crested sooo long ago, and it's now a non issue.

Anonymous said...

Oh, here's the amazing cartoon work of art that proves that cartoon violence is pointless:

Cartoon Genius

I have to admit, the taut narration kept me on the edge of my seat, and the music is now cycling on my iPod. The animation, comic timing, and color styling also deserve high marks. Brilliant.

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