Sunday, May 22, 2011

The World Steeple Chase

The Mouse has glad tidings.

Fueled by foreign moviegoers, Disney’s 3D Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides opened to $346.4 million at the worldwide box office to grab the fourth best global bow of all time, as well as the biggest international opening ever. ...

So I guess Disney will now

A) Laugh all the way to the mint, and

B) Commence planning Pirates of the Caribbeans 5 through 8, and

C) Pray that Johnny Depp is willing to continue the franchise until he's .... oh ... eighty. ...

Add On: The South American birds continue in the Overseas Top Ten:

... No. 5 was Fox’s family animation title Rio, which has amassed $316.4 million thus far overseas thanks to a $5.27 million weekend at 5,668 venues in 64 territories. ... Universal’s Hop, $64.5 million


Anonymous said...

Depp makes 50mil off each one of these, so why wouldn't he. I would.

Anonymous said...

I agree. So long as none of the money goes to the so-called "writers."

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