Friday, May 06, 2011

YAWL (Yet Another Weekend Linkfest)

A week of first looks ...

Excellent reviews greet Paul and Sandra Fierlinger’s feature My Dog Tulip, based on the book by J. R. Ackerly, opening this week in the UK. From The Guardian:

With surprising accuracy, they capture that far-off Britain of the 1950s, using a subdued palette and gentle line that draw on the British artists of the period […] The Fierlingers also match Ackerley's wit in the way they switch between fully realised graphic work for the realistic sections and rapid sketches for his flights of fancy. A classic book, a film to cherish.

(Can’t help but wonder what he would have thought of it ...)

Pixar’s latest short, La Luna, will premiere next month at the Annecy International Animation Festival. offers a summary of the film directed by Enrico Casarosa.

The Hollywood Reporter trumpets another collaboration between Sony Pictures Animation and Nick Park’s Aardman Animations, due to open in March 2012 after this fall’s Arthur Christmas:

Hugh Grant has unsheathed his verbal cutlass, joining an all star voice cast for The Pirates! In An Adventure with Scientists, a stop-motion 3D animated film produced by Aardman Animations for Sony Pictures Animation.

Grant will lend his dulcet tones to the movie alongside David Tennant, Imelda Staunton, Jeremy Piven, Salma Hayek, Brian Blessed, Brendan Gleeson, and Ashley Jensen.


Anonymous said...

Tulip is insufferable. Might have been worth a short, but after 7 minutes, it really is dull and emotionless.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised rio hasn't done better in 4 weeks in North America. It's done fine, worldwide.

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