Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Female Options?

Mark Hughes at Forbes asks the question:

Will More Animated Film Options Mean More Female-Oriented Films?

There's a pretty obvious answer, and I'm surprised it's escaped Mr. Hughes notice, him being at Forbes and all.

Not unless studios sniff that there is MONEY in female-oriented films.

Otherwise, no sale ...

Allow me to give you a quick, real-world example. There's a story guy at one of the animation studios who was developing a female-oriented movie. While he was puttering along, The Princess and the Frog came out, under-performed, and his girl project got shelved.

Ah, but then the female-friendly Tangled burst upon the eyeballs of the movie-going public and over-performed. And the guy's girl project was resurrected.

The moral of this story is: It isn't the total number of animated features being made that determine more Female-Oriented cartoons, but the success of the handful of girl projects that make their way into the marketplace.

As always in Tinsel Town, it's about the cash-o-roonie, not about the political correctness.


Anonymous said...

Little Mermaid was a "Guy" flick??
Too bad it didn't make any money.

Steve Hulett said...

That's twenty-three years ago, mi amigo.

Cite something that, you know, has occurred in this century.

Anonymous said...

You have to understand these execs are pretty short sighted and they have no sense of history unless they're raping something from their childhoods like Yogi Bear. Usually it's just what was the last big hit and can we make a film like that...

Anonymous said...

Yet, these executives get annual multi-million dollar bonuses that dwarfs the income of an artist's entire career.

Maybe this is one reason why things cost so much? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Or .. a reason I thank my stars to be in a union. I'd hate to think what they'd be making if wage scales weren't under contract.

Anonymous said...

O.K. do you explain them producing a Winnie The Pooh feature recently.
Isn't Winnie the Pooh an even OLDER property???
Explain that one.
Merchandising you say?
Mermaid was a merchandising phenomenon as well.
Time doesn't matter.
Those greedy muthas don't care about WHEN something was produced last.
As long as it made $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, they'll rape it over and over again.
Princess movies still make huge profits through merchandising alone.
I wish the public would get SICK of princess movies, I'M sick of them, but there is always another wave of new born children to "fall for it" all over again.
Those greedy muthas know THAT much at idiotic as they are.
I sure don't like those greedy %$#@^$@!!!!!
You hear that, you greedy &%$#&%$#&%$# out there???????

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