Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Early Wednesday Numbers

A fine trade paper reports:

... Early projections show Alvin grossing $3.5 million-$4 million for the day, while Tintin was expected to gross $2.5 million-$3 million.

Tintin is tracking at 76% fresh over at Rotten Tomatoes, while Alvin and the Chipmunks is a tad lower. Yet the ever-popular rodents are outgrossing Europe's favorite boy reporter.

Only in America.


Steve Hulett said...

Look, if you don't like something, no need to sugar-coat it. Just express your dislike straight out.

Anonymous said...

"Tintin is tracking at 76% fresh..."

Spielberg going to WETA for Tintin and bypassing good ol' ILM is interesting to me, but not to too many others, I think.

Yeah, ILM was George's baby, of course. But Spielberg wouldn't be Spielberg without ILM.

You can't blame Union wages on his decision, either, since ILM kicked out IATSE-16 long ago.
How's that 30-40% drop in wages working out for you ILMings?

Steve Hulett said...

I don't think wages in San Francisco is the issue. I think that WETA is the "hot" visual effects/animation shop makes it the studio of choice.

ILM was "then." WETA is "now."

Anonymous said...

Despite what some of the "all ready decided" posts have said, Weta actually has overcome the 'dead eyes' syndrome on TinTin. Unfortunately someone needs to help Spielberg make an action movie more like Raiders and less like Temple of Doom.

Anonymous said...

- ILM was "then." WETA is "now."

That stung a few egos up here at The Presidio, but we'll get over it at Oscar time when Rango takes home The Golden Idol.

ken said...

I don't understand this addiction to Peter Jackson and weta. Aren't there other people working in the entertainment industry??

And tin tin did NOT get over the "dead eyes" of mocap. Audiences are singing the praises of Andy Serkis and weta without even realizing they are watching the same garbage Zemeckis' mocap, just repackaged..

Anonymous said...

If you don't think they didn't get over the 'dead eyes' then you haven't seen or refuse to SEE it.

Weta does the best mo-cap out there.

Anonymous said...

" But Spielberg wouldn't be Spielberg without ILM"

Baloney. Spielberg wouldn't be Spielberg without Lew Wasserman, Carl Gottlieb, Verna Fields, Richard D. Zanuck, David Brown, and Sid Sheinberg.

ILM is just another service fx house.

Anonymous said...

"Weta does the best mo-cap out there."

The best mo-cap out there is still not good enough.

Anonymous said...

Tin tin is bad bad.

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