Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Floyd Norman Interview - Part I

Floyd Norman got a turn down from Disney the first time he tried to get a job there...

TAG Interview with Floyd Norman

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He was eighteen at the time, and he was told to get some more art training. Which he did. And two and a half years later, the House of Mouse called up and offered work.

That was in 1956. Eight years later, Mr. Norman was a story artist working on Jungle Book, involved in story sessions with the man whose name was prominent at the studio gate. Floyd talks about those years at Disney -- and his Jungle Book story collaborator Vance Gerry, in the latest TAG Blog podcast ...


Michael Barquero said...

Yes! More interviews please!

Steve Hulett said...

As I do them, you'll get them.

I have discovered that the "one a week" thing that I was doing earlier was too much like a never-ending sprint on top of the day job.

But there will be more. (I was pleased with Floyd's by the way. Turned out real good.)

Anonymous said...

I'm always interested to hear from Floyd. A wonderful storyteller with some wonderful stories to tell!

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