Monday, December 12, 2011

The Ed Ghertner Interview -- Part I

TAG Interview with Ed Ghertner

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Animation veteran Ed Ghertner has had a different animation career than most ...

Ed has worked extensively as a supervisor and lead on both top flight television projects and animated features. (More often than not, people in the cartoon biz spend most of their working lives on one side of the animation divide or the other.)

Mr. Ghertner, a graduate of Cal Arts, started his time in the industry working as an animator for Ralph Bakshi, then traveled to Disney where he worked as a layout artist on The Great Mouse Detective. From there, he segued into television work, being among the first hires at a new studio called Film Roman (the entity that produces The Simpsons.) He's been zig-zagging back and forth ever since.


Anonymous said...

Great interview! What an interesting career.

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