Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Member Orientation

For the past decade or so (give or take a few years), TAG has gathered its newest initiates in local restaurants to introduce them to the existence and inner workings of the Health and Pension plans. We do this to promote the best use of the plans so members can make better choices regarding their health care and retirement savings.

We hold these meetings for one studio at a time and when there are enough new members to warrant the meeting. For a variety of reasons, there are members who don't attend these meetings. For those members, and anyone interested in learning about the basics of the plans, the material we discuss is posted on a new page on our site.



Anonymous said...

I think you have some mistake in the way you posted this. I see the teaser for Laika's Paranormal Man. Once I hit 'Click here to read entire post' I see the new member orientation movie you intended.

Anonymous said...

And in the post below, I see the Ed Ghertner video, but again when I open the entire post, I see the Paranormal Man video you intended. Maybe it's something weird in my browser setup, but if it's happening to me, it's probably happening to others.

Steven Kaplan said...

It was happening to me earlier as well. I think it was a YouTube thing.

TotalD said...

And thank you Steven Kaplan for taking me through this before there was a vid. For some reason I never got the eligibility pack , card and had to phone to arrange that but it finally got sorted.

Steven Kaplan said...

Glad to hear it all worked out, D.

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