Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Bambi (1942) makes the big list:

Walt Disney’s Bambi, Robert Rodriguez’s El Mariachi, John Cassavetes Faces and Robert Zemeckis’ Forrest Gump, are just a few of the 25 movies the Library of Congress selected for the 2011 additions to the National Film Registry of films for preservation “because of their enduring significance to American Culture.” ...

Anytime an animated feature or short gets an accolade, we should celebrate. (Ed Catmull's A Computer Animated Hand also made it onto the registry.)

From the official announcement:

One of Walt Disney’s timeless classics (and his own personal favorite), this animated coming-of-age tale of a wide-eyed doe’s life in the forest has enchanted generations since its debut nearly 70 years ago. ...

Bambi, in point of fact, isn't a "wide-eyed doe," but with the name being what it is, I suppose it would be kind of easy to get the gender of the animal confused, eh?


Anonymous said...

Film fans should note that this "National Film Registry of films for preservation" is merely an honor list and doesn't actually cause any of the films listed to be preserved. No money is budgeted by the Library of Congress or any other government entity for restoration/preservation.

It remains up to private studios and labs to shoulder the cost and labor of such undertakings, which they do if they see a financial gain to be had.

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