Wednesday, December 07, 2011

WGA Writing Awards

The Writers Guild of America nominates animation writers for some shiny trophies. (The Writers Guild Awards):


“Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts” (The Simpsons), Written by Tim Long; Fox

“The Blue and the Gray” (The Simpsons), Written by Rob LaZebnik; Fox

“Donnie Fatso” (The Simpsons), Written by Chris Cluess; Fox

“Homer the Father” (The Simpsons), Written by Joel H. Cohen; Fox

“Moonstruck” (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien), Written by Len Uhley; Cartoon Network

“The Silence of the Clamps” (Futurama), Written by Eric Rogers; Comedy Central

Most of these shows were written under a WGAw contract (Simpsons, Futurama.) Nice to see that Ben 10: Ultimate Alien got in. That one was done under TAG's jurisdiction.


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