Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ghouls, Dead People

Before I crawl off to bed, the longer trailer from an Oregon studio.

LAIKA, the creator of this 2012 feature, has hired a number of L.A. based animation artists. And the studio has brought in a number of artists and stop motion animators from beyond the seas. (We know this because we review O-1 immigration visas and have seen a few with the studio's name on the application forms.)

We hope this second LAIKA feature is a success. Looks polished.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope it has a story.

Anonymous said...

Greed. Something about this looks very sterile.

Anonymous said...

Looks nice, but then again it's not 1991 anymore.

TotalD said...

Did someone say "Looks nice, but then again it's not 1965 anymore " about Winnie the Pooh or Princess and the Frog ?

Anonymous said...

This looks awesome. The one studio actually taking stop motion to the next level. People stop hating everything.

Anonymous said...

It looks different and interesting.

Anonymous said...

"Looks nice, but then again it's not 1991 anymore. "

And your point is ? Why so snarky?

I think Paranorman looks great and certainly far superior to almost any stop-motion being done in 1991.

Loved Coraline and I look forward to seeing Paranorman. Go LAIKA, Go !

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