Saturday, March 10, 2012

At Film Roman - Starz Media

Bopped over the Film Roman on Friday afternoon, where The Simpsons crew is finishing the last of the current season's shows ....

The show with the most challenges every year is always the Halloween episode. As one of the crew said:

"It's always got more stuff going on: crowds, effects, overall BIGNESS. We rotate the Halloween show between directors and crews, year by year. The director who gets it one year doesn't get it the next, because of all the extra work involved. ...

The Simpsons continues to perform in the FOX universe. The show's ranking on Fox during the 2011-2012 season:

1) Touch -- 12.01 million viewers

2) New Girl -- 7.36 million viewers

3) Glee -- 7.76 million viewers

4) Family Guy -- 6.23 million viewers

5) The Simpsons -- 6.76 million viewers

... out of 18 scripted FOX shows.

(Here are the Yellow Family's episode ratings for the current season.)


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