Thursday, March 22, 2012

TAG interview: Nancy Massie

Here’s a bit of Guild history: a half-hour excerpt of a June 1981 interview that animation historian Harvey Deneroff conducted with Nancy Massie: inker and color stylist, union activist, 1941 Disney strike veteran, and my mother.

Interview with Nancy Massie

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Nancy Bedell grew up near Farmers Market and graduated from Fairfax High School. In 1937 she walked up Fairfax Ave. with her portfolio and got a job as an inker at Ub Iwerks. By 1940 she was at Disney. She was one of the few ink-and-painters to stay out for the entire six weeks of the Disney strike; on the picket line she met assistant animator Reg Massie, whom she married a year later.

Over a forty-four-year career she worked for the likes of Art Babbitt, Shamus Culhane, Frank Tashlin, Dave Hilberman, Preston Blair and Richard Williams. She was a charter member of IATSE Local 841, the NYC animators’ union. At the time of the interview she was a color stylist at Hanna-Barbera, and a member of Local 839's Executive Board.

The interview took place at our offices in North Hollywood, with occasional interjections from myself in the background. The excerpt starts in mid-interview – she had just spoke of how she and Reg lost their chance to become Communist Party members when they broke out in laughter upon being invited to a Party meeting ...

Nancy Massie died in August 1981, two months after this interview.


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