Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ed Aardal's Disney Layoff

... and Disney phone call.

As Mr. Aardal related the story to Mega, Ed was laid off after Lady and the Tramp wrapped up. But shortly thereafter, Walt Disney was looking at development and drawings for Sleeping Beauty, and said: "You know, this would be good sequence to give to Ed Ardaal."

At which point, underlings informed Walt that Ed had been ... uh ... given his walking papers.

Soon after, Walt Disney called Ed and asked him to come back to the studio, as he had some work that was right up Ed's alley. But Ed replied: "Gee Walt, I've got another job."

And Ed never did go back to WDP.

(Whether the tale is apocryphal or not, it was the way Ed told it to Mega ... and I'm telling it to you.)

Here is some of Ed's handiwork soon after departing the House of Mouse.


Chris Sobieniak said...

People have their reasons!

Anonymous said...

Lesson to young people who want to work in animation: the number of people who have a lifelong carrer at such a studio are a fraction of the total that have ever worked there.

Anonymous said...

Here's another lesson for young people in animation:

The low wages which you accept today in order to land that first job will be the even-lower wages tomorrow that cost you your job when the next flood of recent graduates hit the job market.

hmmmm... said...

The union minimun rates are supposed to stop the wages from plunging to poverty levels. Still, some supervisors and leads are getting a sweet deal to the detriment of the rest of the animators....

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