Thursday, March 15, 2012

Voice Actor

So Robert Downey Jr. stepped out of DWA's Mr. Peabody and Sherman. And the new actor?

Modern Family star Ty Burrell has signed on to voice Mr. Peabody in DreamWorks Animation’s Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

Last time I was a DreamWorks Animation, the Peabody/Sherman story crew was hard at it, getting sequences ready for story reels. Release date is 49 weeks from now, so they have to keep moving.


Anonymous said...

Downey is a terrific actor, but let's face it--his voice is HARDLY one that cries to be animated. Ty Burrell's voice resonates better for animation anyway.

Anonymous said...

maybe Jr. wasn't short enough for the role.

Pete Emslie said...

I'd never heard of Ty Burrell, but a quick search on Google videos convinced me that the guy hasn't any reason to be cast as Mr. Peabody. Voice man, Bill Scott had based his vocal persona of Mr. Peabody on actor, Clifton Webb, and Burrell's natural voice is nothing like that of the ascerbic and very proper Clifton Webb. If I was casting for the right type, I'd probably try to sign someone like David Hyde Pierce, whose portrayal of Niles Crane and vocal performance as Dr. Doppler "Treasure Planet" suggest that he could likely pull it off.

Regardless, though, this CG version will probably be a complete waste of time, so it doesn't really matter who Hollywood shoehorns into the role.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a better solution would have been for DWA to take their head of their ass and realize that NOBODY wants to see a CG feature of a 40 year old, barely known cartoon character wrapped in the arms of DW shotty design and storytelling, sprinkled with pop references, fart jokes, and smarmy face poses.

kudos to Downey for coming to his senses.

whew. ;)

Anonymous said...

"...for DWA to take their head of their ass...
...DW shotty design and storytelling, sprinkled with pop references, fart jokes, and smarmy face poses."

Yes, dear Pixie, that sting from the boxoffice bomb called John Carter can only be soothed with a rant against DWA.

(Calm yourselves, Pixies, I know it was released as a "Disney" film, but it's JL and AS all the way.)

Anonymous said...

The word is "shoddy", not shotty. But being a virtual illiterate makes spelling hard, I know.

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