Monday, March 26, 2012

So Maybe Fox Will Pick It Up

Clerks: The Resurrection.

... [I]t looks like Clerks: The Animated Series may be following the leads of other canceled ... primetime cartoon series that built up sizable cult followings after their forced departures from the airwaves. ... A follower of Smith’s Twitter feed expressed their admiration for the Clerks cartoon and Smith responded with a surprising revelation:

“Via @Just_Reboot ‘Clerks cartoon was brilliant, I rewatch it bi-monthly’ @Miramax 2.0 and I are hoping to give you new eps weekly next year.” ...

The idea that adult animation could be spreading beyond Adult Swim and Fox is a prospect that delights my soul.

From a low point in the early part of the century, television animation is coming on stronger than ever. This might be due to executives' collective realization that:

1) Animation gets ratings.

2) Animation sells toys and other collateral merchandise.

3) Animation continues to have life on the little silver disks.

4) Animation is a marketable commodity forevah.

I mean, consider: One of our friendly conglomerates just put out an elaborate boxed set of UPA cartoons from the fifties. Think anybody is going to be issuing "The COMPLETE 'I Married Joan' and 'My Little Margie' collections" anytime soon?


Anonymous said...

Let's hope they re-design it from scratch--especially the characters. This time, maybe they could hire a professional artist.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was douchey. Steven Silver IS a professional artist you tool.

Anonymous said...

don't forget Chris Bailey

Chris Sobieniak said...

I liked Chris Bailey's designs on the show.

Anonymous said...

The designs were the only good thig about the show.

Chris Sobieniak said...

That's true. I wasn't too big on the writing and after a decade, I hardly can watch the show if bothers to show up someplace on the dial.

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