Monday, March 05, 2012

New Media

Community changes formats.

After an extended absence from TV screens, "Community," NBC's beloved but chronically low-rated comedy series, returns March 15 to finish its third season. To drum up the biggest possible audience, NBC is releasing three animated webisodes of "Community" featuring the voices of the show's cast.

The episodes, titled "Abed's Master Key" Parts 1, 2 and 3, will debut online Wednesday, a week before the return of the (mostly) live action series to NBC. ...

TAG has the series under contract under the "New Media" portion of its contract. The first episode hits the airwaves Wednesday. Hopefully it aids in goosing the series' numbers a wee bit.


Anonymous said...

I believe Robin Red Breast produces the animation, like the anime one that aired on TV not long ago.

Anonymous said...

Robin Red Breast did the anime sequence for the TV show, but they're not producing the web series.

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