Tuesday, March 13, 2012


After a long hiatus, links!

Movies, money and metadata ... visualized, including many animated features. (Hat tip to VFX Soldier.) ...

Andrew Stanton talks about the making of John Carter.

The Inside Story of How John Carter Was Doomed by Its First Trailer. (And how that trailer conformed to Andrew Stanton's desires.)

Animation Legend Ralph Bakshi Looks Back at His Cult Classic "Wizards"

New Animated Features on the Blu-Ray.

Marvel Takes Digital Comics To The Next Level With ‘ReEvolution’

The Blackwing Diaries: The details in animation story-telling matter.

"The Temple of the Seven Golden Camels" provides a lesson in a character's posture: Heads, Ribs and Hips - Part I.

Indian VFX industry needs Hollywood supervision, education.

Speaking of Visual Effects ...


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