Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tax Incentives Forevah!

The new normal is: producers chase after tax breaks and set up shop with the best government handout they can get. (Free enterprise!).

Therefore, we have this ...

A new tax scheme is to be introduced in a bid to keep UK TV and animation talent from moving abroad where production is cheaper.

Chancellor George Osborne announced the film-style tax break as part of his budget for 2012.

It is understood that the tax break will aim to encourage development in the animation and video game sectors. While the chancellor's financial incentive will also apply to high-cost dramas, such as Titanic and Downton Abbey.

It's good to know that he dole is alive and well.

For corporations, if not for people. But since corporations ARE people, I suppose it amounts to the same thing.


Anonymous said...

Tax incentives... Wow. Just imagine... If California had some sort of government that would make tax incentives for keeping work in the States... Or maybe if there were some sort of animation organization that could govern companies, and keep work from going overseas.
Wouldnt that be just great?

Anonymous said...

C'mon Animation people-You helped Franco! Now Byron Vaughns needs your help!

Anonymous said...

California is broke, no tax incentives available there.

Steve Hulett said...

The Animation Guild had runaway language in its contracts ... and two strikes ... working to keep work in Southern California.

Just to let you know.

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