Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Free Money Helps

That's why geographical locations use it. even when it's only marginally useful.

On-location film and TV production is booming in Los Angeles, thanks in part to the state’s $330 million annual tax incentives program. On-location feature film production was up 23.7% for the first quarter of 2016 compared to the first quarter of 2015, and TV production was up 19.1%.

Compared to the average first quarters of each of the last five years, on-location film production was up 22.1%, and TV production was up 17.4%, according to data compiled by FilmLA, the city’s film permit office.

“The very encouraging first quarter numbers from FilmLA demonstrate the impact of California’s expanded tax credit program,” said California Film Commission executive director Amy Lemisch. “They illustrate that the Film & Television Tax Credit Program 2.0 is working precisely as intended to attract and retain all types of productions, especially TV projects that create steady long-term jobs for cast and crew.”

Even so, the vast majority of the increased production came from films and TV shows that did not receive tax credits. Of the feature film that shot in the city during the first quarter, only 155 shooting days (13.5% of the total 1,145) were generated by films such as God Particle and Please Stand By that received tax incentives. ...

In Cartoonland insie California, tax subsidies are non-existent ... except for live-action visual effects. Nevertheless, the Guild has experienced steady growth over the last three years, attributable to the continuing success of animated features and the profitability of TV animation.

Another powerful driver has been the rise of Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD for fans of acronyms). Netflix and Amazon have been major players in kids' programming, much of which has been cartoons. DreamWorks Animation TV recently extended and expanded its pact with Netflix, and Amazon not only has its own L.A.-based studio, but engages a plethora of small cartoon shops to create content.

We get asked: How much longer will these good times last?" The answer is, barring some natural or man-made disaster, some years yet.


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