Sunday, April 10, 2016

World Box Office

Two animated Disney animal features are in this week's list ... one of them a remake of a well-loved cartoon from the 1960s.

Weekend Foreign Box Office -- (World Totals)

Batman vs. Superman -- $34,000,000 -- ($783,485,542)

Zootopia -- $22,700,000 -- ($852,512,482)

The Jungle Book -- $28,900,000 -- ($28,900,000)

Kung Fu Panda 3 -- $11,400,000 -- ($483,677,613

The first three movies on Rentrak's list all contain generous dollop's of animation. ...

And a noted entertainment journal says this:

... The Jungle Book, which swung into 15 early plays where it doubled the opening of last year’s live-action Cinderella in the same suite of markets, took an estimated $28.9M. ... Disney’s live-action/CGI Jon Favreau-helmed family adventure made a strong swing in its first plays. The move to go a week before the U.S., China and other majors was to get some space before the studio’s own Captain America: Civil War goes out in early May. ...

Dropping 60% from last frame, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice got closer to the $500M overseas mark with an estimated $34M for a $486.8M international cume. The worldwide total is $783.5M. ...

Earning another $11.4M this frame, [Kung Fu Panda 3 is] holding well in some key plays including France where it dipped just 9% and Australia where the drop was 25%. France added $3.17M for an $8.3M cume after two weeks and Oz took $1.04M for $6.86M after three. The total offshore is now $342.7M. The final opening is Holland this coming weekend. ...


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