Friday, April 15, 2016

Stalking Horse ...


... The People’s Liberation Army Daily recently branded the [Disney's Zootopia] — a computer-animated buddy-cop film set in a city populated by animals — an instrument of American propaganda. The film has earned more than $230 million in China, ranking it among Disney’s top-grossing films in the world’s second-largest market. ...

The commentary claimed that the filmmakers intended to telegraph subtle messages about the “American Dream” via the role reversal of its animal characters — the film is about a rabbit and a fox attempting to track down predators who have gone missing. The culprit is a diminutive sheep.

“If one thinks carefully about it, if a rabbit can strike back, are there any ‘American Dreams’ ordinary people cannot realize?” it said. “In cruel reality, it is always wolves that eat lambs, not lambs that eat wolves.... Hollywood easily reversed a thing so simple that even kids know it, and thus attracted a huge audience.” ...

Man, I thought the thing was preaching brotherhood, sisterhood, tolerance. Those are Western values? I guess I missed the handout when it was issued.

But apparently Chinese movie-goers aren't buying the bilge pumped out by the PLAD, because there's been a wee bit of pushing back, to wit:

“What else is there for us to watch if we are not allowed to watch ‘Zootopia’ — your brain-damaged Chinese cartoons?” ...


“Because the box office is high and everyone likes it, they are jealous,” said another. “Why can’t you reflect on what you can do [yourselves]? Why do we all like foreign programs?”

Funny how people with frontal lobes that function can sniff out the good product from the crap.


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