Sunday, April 24, 2016

International B.O.

Now with Add On.

As I'm pressed for time (weekends can do that), a truncated foreign box office, with Rentrak chart and other commentary later.

From your friendly Nikki Finke-founded trade paper:

With a $96M weekend in international markets, The Jungle Book is still king of the box office. The frame reps a roughly 32% drop from last week and brings the offshore kitty to $337M. Along with the domestic swing, the global total for Mowgli and the rest of the pack is $528.48M. ...

If you want to understand why animation is currently in high-gear production across the globe, you need only look at Box Office Mojo's 2016 Box Office Winners:

2016 Worldwide Grosses

1) Zootopia
2) Batman Vs. Superman
3) Deadpool
4) The Mermaid
5) The Jungle Book
6) Kung Fu Panda 3
7) Monster Hunt ....

And so on and so forth. What leaps out at you is the number of pictures that are A) outright animated features, B0 are hybrid animated features, or C) are "live action" features with tons of animated visual effects.

Kind of telling.

Add On: Renttrak gives the numbers:


The Jungle Book -- $96,000,000 -- ($528,477,426)

Zootopia -- $10,800,000 -- ($907,135,606)

Batman Vs. Superman -- $8,300,000 -- ($851,601,603)

Kung Fu Panda 3 -- $4,600,000 -- ($503,850,195)


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