Thursday, April 14, 2016

WAG CinemaCon Presentation

As went James Cameron at Las Vegas's CinemaCon '16, so went the company called Warners.

... With an aggressive and ambitious production slate and a creative think tank that includes filmmakers like Phil Lord and Chris Miller, Nicholas Stoller, John Requa, Glenn Ficara, and Jared Stern at the helm, hopes are high that WAG will succeed where Warner’s past attempts at feature animation have failed.

In that regard, Lord, Miller and Stoller took to the stage to introduce Warner Animation Groug, explaining to the crowd about how the success of The LEGO Movie inspired the creation of an animation division that could apply the same talent and sensibilities to other films and to also introduce their upcoming feature films. ...

There is the 2018 Scooby-Doo movie, now titled S.C.O.O.B.. Directed by Tony Cervone from a screenplay by Matt Lieberman and executive produced by Dan Povenmire. ...

In an announcement video shown to the crowd, the film was described as “our first shot at unlocking the whole Hanna-Barbera Universe.”

You will kindly note that more of our fine, entertainment conglomerates are going for the "grand interlocking universe" thingie, since Disney has successfully opened its own mint with overlapping films (Star Wars universe, Marvel universe, etc. etc.).

Imitation is the sincerest form of Hollywood.


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