Monday, April 11, 2016

The Animation Guild Golden Award Interview #20 -- Brice Mack

Brice Mack lived a rich, full life. He got around.

Brice was a collegiate athlete, a World War II veteran, a Disney background artist, studio head, and live-action director .. among other things. ...

What gets lost in the fullness of time, I think, is that animation buffs tend to focus on the "stars" at Disney and other animation studios, and the artists that made strong contributions, that made their mark, tend to get lost in the shuffle.

One interesting aspect about Mack's Disney career is he moved up relatively rapidly before the War, was making an okay salary (many were making $15 to $20 per week when he was making $55). Nevertheless he hit the brick in 1941 along with a major portion of studio staff, but doesn't appear to have gotten on Walt's "Naughty List". He exchanged letter with Walt Disney during World War II, returned afterwards to the background department, then moved on to pursue an independent career running his own small companies, all without rancor from Walt.

Brice Harvey Mack, after six decades in the entertainment business, passed away on January 2, 2008, age 90.


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