Monday, April 25, 2016

The Animation Guild Golden Award Interview #22 -- Martha Sigall

Martha Goldman Sigall was in the sound cartoon industry almost from its beginning. Her start in the business came at Pacific Title and Art Company, where she was present for the birth of Bugs Bunny (referenced in the video). Martha had a long and storied career in animation, capsulized exceedingly well by Harvey Deneroff at Cartoon Research, so there's no need for me to regurgitate the same biography here.

I knew Martha for a lot of years, and she was always warm, gracious, and ready to recount what Cartoonland was like back when it was a colorful, riveting subset of full-length motion pictures, populated by artists who never made much money but knew how to have a good time ... and laugh at themselves.

Martha ended up being one of the last living Schlesinger employees with first-hand knowledge of the "way things were" back at the start of Daffy, Bugs and Porky Pig, and her memories remained crystalline until the end of her long and well-lived life.

Martha Sigall passed away, aged 97, in 2014.


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