Wednesday, April 06, 2016

"Simpsons" Predictions of Future Events

If you've followed the unfolding scandal of the world's biggies and their numerous offshore accounts chock full of moolah (some of which are no doubt beyond the law), you will be amused by this:

We've only scratched the surface of the 11.5 million files leaked this weekend that reveal the corruption of the most powerful people, institutions, and corporations of the world. Among the Panama Papers are records linking 12 national leaders and 143 politicians to offshore tax havens. They lead to Vladimir Putin, to key members of Fifa's ethics committee, to the president of Iceland. But if you were watching the golden years of The Simpsons, you already knew this.

In 1996, in an episode called "Bart the Fink" (specifically, the 15th episode of Season Seven), Bart exposes Krusty the Clown's immense tax fraud. In one clip, Krusty's bank manager in the Cayman Islands accidentally says a little too much over the phone: "I'm sorry, I can't disclose any information about that customer's secret, illegal account." Then he hangs up the phone. "Oh, crap. I shouldn't have said he was a customer... Oh, crap. I shouldn't have said it was a secret... Oh, crap! I certainly shouldn't have said it was illegal!"

Of course, this is by no means a coincidence. Everything that has happened in The Simpsons' 27 seasons ... will eventually come to fruition in real life. This is just how the world works. ...

The Prim Minister of Iceland has now fallen on his sword due to the Big Leak of Documents, and Vladimir Putin has been sucked into the scandal, what with Vlad's chums and cronies spiriting $2 billion out of Mother Russia. Which makes one think of this:

... One of the worst jobs in the world is to be the front man for all the money that Vladimir Putin stole. Somewhere out there is an umbrella full of plutonium with your name on it, tovarich.

Another thing that strikes me is that this vast web of interlocking schemes, all 11.5 million files of it, represents the shady doings of one freaking firm. The mind, she boggles and the gob, she is smacked. ...

I know that MY mind is shaken and stirred. The rich and connected, hiding their money in secret places. Who would have imagined such a thing?!


Tikkigirls said...

Taxation is theft. There is tax havens because there is tax hells. The only thing to condene here is the numerous liberals that publicly advocate for higher taxes while protecting their money. But wealthy individuals, who can blame them. Taxation is theft.

Chris Sobieniak said...

You're not going to hear it from me, it's nice when these secrets do come forward.

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