Friday, May 19, 2006

The "Hey, Let's Find A Job!" game, by Tina Kugler

(click the thumbnail for the full-sized version)
While we worked through the nineties... ...the animation biz became a lot more like the live-action biz. Long-term employment is down, short-term employment is up. This (semi) tongue-in-cheek board game by Tina Kugler (from the May Peg-Board) hits the issue on the top of its pointy head. More and more, artists are out pounding the sidewalks and working the phones, looking for their next paying gig. (Mrs. Hulett laughed knowingly when she read: "stay up all night trying out fonts for your resumé." Since she does this a lot.)


Kevin Koch said...

And a big thanks to Tina for submitting that cartoon for the Pegboard. I'd LOVE it if we had a cool cartoon or illustration (or three) for every issue.

Anonymous said...

How about a new masthead, Kevin? : )

Ask her to do it!

tina kugler said...

here's some more (with some mom stuff mixed in):

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