Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Warners Ramble

Out at Warners' studio, they have a number of projects percolating... In the way of series, there is "Scooby and Shaggy Get a Clue, "Batman," "Loonatics," "Legion of Superheroes," and -- in the possibly near future -- a bunch of half-hours with "Plasticman." There are also the DVD features for "Superman," "Tom & Jerry," and everybody's favorite pup "Scooby" in various stages of work. And new DVD long-forms with various super heroes might be happening in '07. A decade ago, Warners Animation retained most of its staff between series. Talent was at a premium, and WB didn't want to risk losing key artists to other studios. Now, however, when an assignment ends, they hand you your pink slip and wave you goodbye. (Pretty much like every other studio in town does.)


Anonymous said...

True the other studios do give you pink slips but they do not treat the artists with near as much disrespect. At least IMHO

WBA's time has come and gone and I think you'll eventually see them close which is sad because they started it all. When the Turner merger happened AOL Time Warner suddenly had two animation studios. One that does well and one that doesn't have an original idea (Loonatics?!?!)left in it's body, is terrbily mismanaged and has no soul since Jean McCurdy and Tom Ruegger left.

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