Saturday, May 27, 2006

"Over the Hedge" -- The Second Lap of the Box Office Derby

All right then. We move to the second weekend of "OTH's" national release, and get to see how it fares. In a rash moment, I said it would pass "Da Vinci" and climb to number one. I was obviously delusional, since there are OTHER new releases (like "X-Men") and the parade keeps moving... Still in all, "Over the Hedge" appears to be holding up well (here are Box Office Mojo's weekend predictions). We'll just have to wait and see how it performs over the course of the three-day holiday, won't we? UPDATE 1: "X-Men 3" is estimated to have had the second biggest opening day ever, at $44.1 million. Wow! Maybe DreamWorks should have advertised that talking animals are mutants, too? "Da Vinci Code" was second, with $10.2 mill, and "Hedge" third at $7.6. Note that that's a 65% drop from last Friday for "DVC," and a 30% drop from last Friday for "OTH." Since "Hedge" improved both Saturday and Sunday last weekend, while "DVC" weakened each day, "OTH" still has an excellent chance of ending up second for the full weekend. UPDATE 2: The 3-day estimates are in (Fri.-Sun.). It's a huge one for "X-Men 3" ($107 million), and a solid one for "Hedge" (a 29% drop from last weekend, for $27.3 million and a cume of $76.3 million). "Da Vinci Code" dumped by 56% but is still second with an estimate of $33.5 million and $136 million so far. If you take a look at the list, note places 4 and 5: "M:I III" and "Poseidon," both massive underperformers. Funny how those live-action duds haven't sparked the same angst about Warners and Paramount that "Hedge's" lack of super-blockbuster status has trigger in recent financial articles about DreamWorks.


Anonymous said...

Look how happy Bruce is.

Anonymous said...

an 8% drop from opening weekend....take that all you "analysts out there."

the film should have legs...unless it gets run over by CARS...

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