Thursday, May 18, 2006

The "Over the Hedge" Betting Pool

By now, there are plenty of projections on the web and elsewhere about how much loot "OTH" will rake in during its opening weekend.... But then there are the artists at DreamWorks, and their estimates. This afternoon I kicked money into the betting pool at DW. I guessed opening domestic weekend would be just under $50 million. And I thought the six-month domestic haul would be about $205 mill. But keep in mind I haven't seen the film, so I am pulling these figures out of my...backside. The employees in the pool bet all over the map. The LOW domestic weekend take was $32 million. The HIGH was $86 million. All other bets were scattered in between. The LOW domestic 6-month total was $195 million; the HIGH domestic 6-montyh total was $315 million. (Keep in mind that "Ice Age 2" is now nearing $200 million domestic, with about double that overseas.) A couple of people were speculating about where "OTH" would rank opening weekend. I speculated it would come in number two behind "Da Vinci Code," then rise to number one during its second weekend. (I'm using my massive psychic powers here, since I haven't seen "Da Vinci" or "Hedge," and therefore have no reality-based projections.) We will, of course, track the new DreamWorks epic as it rolls out Firday, Saturday and Sunday.


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