Monday, May 01, 2006

A TAG Writer? Getting WGA(w) Residuals?

Yes, it happens. Today, for the first time, it happened to me... The Writers Guild of America(w) sent me a check for $110.50. The money was for "The Fox and the Hound," a feature I worked on a few years ago? How is it that the WGA is sending Steve money? Simple, really. The Writers Guild was approached by various tax collecting organizations in Europe about money held by those groups for writers and directors of various American (and other) movies and television shows that are shown in German, France, Denmark and other Old World states. A tax is levied on VHS tape and blank DVDs, and the money derived therefrom goes into a large account that is then divvied up between the various producing corporations (Disney, Viacom, Time-Warner, etc.) and the "creators" identified in the credits. This would be writers and directors. The part of the money that the companies don't get is then shipped to the Directors Guild and the Writers Guild, along with a list of who should be getting what amount. The the WGA and DGA send the money along to the individuals for whom they have addresses. That, as I understand it, is how I came to get my $110.50 (shown above.) And why I am now the owner of a WGA check for residuals. Even though I've never been a member of the WGA.


Jeff said...

Hurry! Cash it!!!!!

So how can the story artists get in on the action???

Steve Hulett said...

Get a story credit on an animated feature.

I was listed in the gang story credit on "F & H." And those big checks have now started rolling in.

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